Tottenham beat Vittsie and hung on to Antonio Conte’s first match

Tottenham beat Vittsie and hung on to Antonio Conte’s first match
Although Son Heng Min, Lucas Mora and Tottenham’s own goal made it 3-0, Conte saw the weakness of his new team.

Antonio Conte’s hat-trick in 28 minutes was enough to make him happy in his first game in charge of Tottenham. But the new group was overestimated in its ability to make life easier for itself.

No one should do this and at least Conte is now at first glance – close and uncomfortable – what to do when the club wants to put the latest problems behind them; That is, the soft under the belly that spoiled the season and helped to count Nuno Esperito Santon.

In the first leg of this Europa League conference, the Spurs were good at attacking, which was the case in the Vetese section of the stadium. And in that sense, the performance was an improvement over Despírito’s time. Son Heng Min and Lucas Mura put James Rasmussen in the net with his own goal.

But the Spurs were shocked in the back. Conte was given plenty of time to prepare with the players, This means that the work permit delay could not take its first practice session on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The connection was not there and Spurs left.

There were offers to make it 3-2 at half-time, with Vetese threatening open play and team play, and in the 59th minute, Christian Romero was sent off for a red card. They did not really want to take part in this competition, but if they had allowed the game to get out of them, they would have had an embarrassing early exit.

Vetese pushed and Hugo Loris was called into action. Conte switched to 4-4-1 and later to 5-3-1 as he sought a way out of the siege. And it was still inspired by the Eredivisie team. Captain Danielil Doicki picked up Harry Kane in the 81st minute, picked up a second yellow card, and shortly afterwards a riot and goalkeeper Marcus Schubert received a straight red card.

Spurs pushed forward through Emerson Royal and Schubert left the area and the right-back tried to catch him. Schubert took control and that was the end of the night.

And so the Spurs ended up, with successor Giovanni Lo Celso being replaced by a one-on-one opener during the break, with another successor, Tangui Ndombele. Lo Celso was wild and full of chance as a Spurs fan ran across the field without trying to hit his traveling fans. The unscrupulous covered it up. At the end of the day, Conte can breathe. Welcome to Spurs.

There was a shout when it started, Conte was greeted warmly by the fans on the field – he responded with applause from all corners of the stadium – and scored the first goal he wanted.

Schubert blocked Moira’s release from Pierre-Emily Hodgegger, but the ball was broken and Ken was piled on.

Conte is out of full force with the first XI – Nuno was in stark contrast to his side’s 1-0 defeat at the hands of Arnem two weeks ago – but the nerves tremble every time Vitetse enters his front foot. Ben Davis pulled out Nikolai Baden Frederickson on the field and the Vetese winger was well-placed without conceding a goal. At 1-0, Docki hit the target in the head.

Vitesse were high and loose, and Spurs took advantage, playing through them with some style. Wolde saw a shot fired in the second minute by Bazor off the line and in the 21st minute he was driving the latest post. Ken Moran was then sent off for a foul and the Spurs’ third-placed Son was called off shortly after the break. VAR not used. Davis crossed low and Rasmussen entered Ken’s net under pressure.

Back came Vitesse. When public outcry erupted in the venue, Loris stepped back from Sandre Tronstad and Rasmussen climbed over the corner and headed home. Vetese had hope. Then they had another goal. Mora gave the ball to Yan Goboho and finished with Mattus Bero.

The gap provided an opportunity to address the turmoil in the stands. It burned for half an hour and roared for minutes, while light pastors struggled to restore order, pushing Vitesse supporters back, some of whom seemed to be throwing projects.

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The Spurs slowly started the second half with a substitute Lois Opinda Loris, who, in contrast, sent off Romero, who appeared to have a flat foot, in the second yellow card. Vetese set up midfield and created chances. The unmarked tortoise hit Dasa in the back of the corner and then extended Bazoyer Laurence completely. They will be very close.