The Lakers are trying to get Carmelo Anthony as many open threes as they can

The Lakers are trying to get as many open as possible as Carmello Anthony
The Lakers are trying to get as many open as possible as Carmello Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is the sixth person of the year to be officially the front-runner, two years after the Hall-of-Fame-caliber NBA was announced. To open the 2021-22 season, Melo has revealed that many other Lacgers season purchases have been damaged or damaged. Off-ball: Four-seater seems to be at home to revive his career as he has been a goal scorer for years. He played as well as he did in Los Angeles.

During his first 11 games in La Liga, Melo was collecting an average of 17.6 points per game, the highest after a stellar team last season with an unbeatable (perhaps unsustainable) 50% off the field and 52% off the three-point range. This is what seems to be more lasting. When it was opened, he planned to drive them out.

“I’m using it,” said Anthony 7-10 in the three-point, 29-point lead over the Lakers against the Hornets. “I don’t think so. Just by playing, catching and shooting the ball, the defense is not given a chance to get back on track. It’s something I always work on. People don’t see it, but I always worked on that part of my game. You guys are seeing it a lot now.

Anthony knows what it’s like to draw a lot of defensive attention from opponents every night, but those days have been spent as a team with Libron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook and he is enjoying the opening sights. With that.

“Oh, they’re open,” said Anthony. “With the attention of those people, I just got to the right place and those people found me.”

But if the senders are competing for the championship and they are recovering from a difficult start, they should know that Melon will continue to prepare for the success.

“We’re getting three times as much as we can get,” said head coach Frank Vogue. “We have always divided it in areas where defense is difficult to help, and our people always want it.”

Russell Westbroke added: “He is a hell of a shooter. “Our job is to be able to find him in the transition. It’s our job to find him when the men leave, and he’s not only doing a big shot, but he’s working hard to make a shot on time when we need him.”

The only downside to Melo’s performance this season is that he has struggled on the road, scoring 10-35 and 1-16 more than 88 minutes in three road games so far this season. Again, it’s a small sample size that can be released as the season progresses, but it’s no secret that Anthony finally enjoys playing on the home team at the Staples Center.

“I thought Staples was a good shooter gym,” Anthony said. “I thought Staples was the best shooting gym of the day. But unlike the field team, it’s different when you’re against it, and now I’m on the other side. So you get that energy, you get that speed, you put the people behind, you put your teammates back and that’s what we want. What we want is the Lakers basketball. Get the crowd to play hard. Because we want to make this place difficult to play.

His teammates also know how important it is for someone like Melo to raise the spectators at the Staples Center.

“Every time he hits the ball, I think he’s going in, and it gives us confidence,” Davis said. “He gives us energy. The crowd came in, he was in a bench, and it was a different feeling when he kicked the ball. Especially one of three.

Melo’s ability to make the game evolving and to remain a key part of a team that competes in the playoffs is a testament to his skill as one of the greatest players of his generation. But for the Lakers to reach their full potential, his ever-great personalities must either be healthy (in the case of LeBron) or start playing like the best stars they still expect.

Oh and something else helps.

“We want him to do the same thing on the road,” Davis said with a laugh.

If Mello could do that, the lacrosse would be better off.