One of the Causes of the Unblessing of Life Lectures by Ustadz Adi Hidayat Lc MA

One of the Causes of the Unblessing of Life Lectures by Ustadz Adi Hidayat Lc MA
One of the Causes of the Unblessing of Life Lectures by Ustadz Adi Hidayat Lc MA

This problem is typed in extraordinary innamal’amalubinniat all deeds depend on the intention and your intention with the SPJ and the reward is more, Masya Allah there is a reward for typing it and the reward is for tearing it.

Waalaikumsalam, a little long question.

Next week, it will rain at PSI after the exam, so there is a revision process.

Can’t ask for a certificate.

Passing the problem, there is a rule, if before February is published, the tuition for this semester, which has been paid in mid-January, can be withdrawn.

The problem is this is the department officer.

issuing the decree will help fellow students look ahead by issuing their SPM Immediately after the exam is over today not by my will immediately we can immediately take our tuition back how is the law that the money I received is Ustad Haram, has he violated the usual procedure.

Everything that violates the rules has immorality in it.

It can’t be done, it’s wrong and its descendants are a blessing, but the problem is, what should you do while this hasn’t happened, we can do it, we can treat people wrong, right? first then Quran 6th verse 153 all from Quran sura verse 153 this is my straight path which is true honesty is part of justice putting things in their place is part of Allah’s guidance.

Subhanahu wa ta’ala So don’t violate Allah’s rules.

When you violate the blessing, it will surely come down to your property, for example, Allah has assigned you your Rizky, it’s been arranged, it’s already prepared, it’s impossible to confuse the Quran, surah 51, verse 22, the rightmost position a little below are your tribes and rizki, since they were created, I have set them to tell you, they will not be confused, you don’t have to take someone else’s property, you already have a job, you don’t have anyone.

When you take someone else’s property, the risk is that the property will be returned to you.

the person referred to plus you also get unhappiness in this life Point What happens with an attitude like this if something like that happens then first hold on tight to the rules How to hold fast the sentence that is in the form of a congregation then follow you together then get together friends, don’t be alone, get together with friends, say that money This g is ours either now or tomorrow of course if it is given it will be ours too, it will make no difference now, tomorrow we eat.

Don’t let us break the rules for us to discuss how Bang dialogue verse 125 to take wisdom comes with wisdom.

Don’t try it because maybe that person has good intentions.

I want to know that you might have an easy fee to complete the thesis program and so on.

His intentions are good, but it’s done in the wrong way.

What’s the solution, take the middle way and then discuss together on the road looking for opportunities, if the discussion is later justified by the system, then please take from that part of your rights that you can enjoy.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala make the process easy.