Mike White, CJ Mosley and Jet tried for two consecutive wins, this time in the Premier League

New York Jets Colts
Mike White, CJ Mosley and Jet tried for two consecutive wins, this time in the Premier League

Who admired him? And can you do it again?

The Jets 34-31 Cincinnati Bengals shock and two quick questions that come to mind as we take a quick look ahead of tonight’s game against Indianapolis Colts. ET

On the surface, Mike White, made his second start for Zack Wilson in QB, and the Jets seem to be designed for another good performance. They put Bengal behind, but after a 5-2 win over Bengal, there is no doubt that they are still on the move. Last Sunday, another Middle Eastern opponent of the same nature was playing.

Two strong top-tier teams, led by veteran QBs (Bengal youngster Vet Joe Burow, more with Sal Vet Carson Wentz with the Wolves) and high running backs (Joe McLean for Cincinnati, NFL fourth-place runner-up, and Indy Jonathan Taylor, October AFC offensive player in the NFL) The Invaders ranked No. 2 and No. 3 in scrimmage yardage in the league and both averaged 25-plus points.

Their defenses are both top-center, and the Wolves have created a big picture to challenge the strong-to-center-led side led by LBs Darius Leonard and Bobby O’Keefe and DL Deforce Buckner. Head coach Robert Saleh is well known for coaching the 49-year-old for three seasons. Indianapolis are tied with Buffalo for 18 league lead routes, and their plus-transfer turnover is well-matched with Jets -10.

But in addition to flexibility, the Wolves have some advantages that the Bengals have not met: (1) they are at home at Lucas Oil Stadium and (2) they are ready for the jets by winning the difficult 34-31. Home Overtime Loss in Tennessee Titans.

Jets may have infiltrated the stripes. But they certainly hear the sound of horses’ shoes.

But how did the Wallabies deal with the 405 yards and three passes from the Bengal defense, and how did they handle the white “hero” who went to work, the two came to the game in the last 4 minutes and his shirt was sent to Canton this week at the Pro Football Hall of Fame? ?

“Mike has a big smile on his face,” said Saleh White. “He is very thoughtful about his business dealings. He is calm, cool, collected, and I think he builds self-confidence. So it’s an exciting time for him. And often you do not get the chance to like Mike and keep using it.

White Corry Davis will not return – Jets No. 1 WR is inactive for the second straight game – but it has actors with the same dynamic character that triggered the Jets 511-yard attack on Sunday. A 172-yard scrimmage game starring beginner Michael Carter. Carter, who was back in action for two 100-YFS games, became the first jet launcher in 1976, breaking three 100s in a row, starting with FB Clark Gaines.

Jets’ defense also rose to prominence after a spectacular but impressive goal post, with a late interception from DL Shack Lawson picking up eight full-length games, and a touchdown on Mikon and beginner WR Ja’Marr Chase. Keep the lid on.

With a strong run from LB CJ Mosley and the company, followed by some tough passes like Quin Williams on a multi-pro ball in the Quantum Nelson on LG, plus Lawson, John Franklin-Myers and Sheldon Rankins two late INTs with the Titans. It will only be a ticket to extend difficult games to two in a row.

So can jets do it again? Mosley did not answer the question, but he certainly had some ideas for the Jets as a defender and a team looking forward to playing in the Premier League and the rest of the season.

“The big teams wanted a way to win two games in a row and continue the game, so that’s really our next challenge, to come back victorious,” said Mosley. “It doesn’t have to be beautiful, it doesn’t have to be destructive. I want everyone to understand that everyone is on our minds. It doesn’t matter who the team is or what kind of star players they have. When we walk on the football field, when we come to work, we have to think that we can win every game we play every day.

Here is a list of the seven players who have been disabled for tonight’s game.

QB Zach Wilson
QB Joe Flacco
Arvin TV Coleman.
S. Jarrod Wilson
WR Corey Davis
DL Jonathan Marshall
OL Laurent Duverney-Tardif
And this is the list of Colts’ six idiots.

WR TY Hilton
Arby Marlon Mac
CB Bopete Keyes
DE Ben Banogu
T. Julien Davenport