Marcus Morris Fires Back at Nikola Jokic’s Brothers

Marcus Morris joined the brothers of Nicola Jocci
Marcus Morris joined the brothers of Nicola Jocci

Nicola Jokich’s cheap shot at Marquif Morris turned into a social media war between Mark Morris and Jockey’s two brothers. The Jockey brothers set up a Twitter account on Tuesday morning and posted it on Marcus Morris

Jockey’s brothers were responding to a tweet from Marcus Morris last night. When Marcus tweeted on 11 ፡ 50 50 PST, his mother told him to stop posting bullets on social media, but he responded to a tweet two minutes later from the Jockey brothers. In response to a viral message from the Jockey Brothers, Marcus Morris wrote on his Twitter page:

Although Marcus Morris has indicated he has finished fighting on Twitter, he does not appear to have intended to downplay it. Shortly after responding to the Jockey brothers, Morris posted a shot at FS1 Shannon Sharp, who was defending Jockey on Twitter.

This is not the first time that Nicola Jokich or Morris twins have been involved in a court battle; However, this back and forth on social networks was unique. The Clippers will first meet the Denver Neighbors on December 26, and all eyes will be on Nicola Jocci and Marcus Morris.