LaMelo Ball takes step forward against Lakers in L.A. return

Lamelo Ball’s return to LA will go further with the Lakers
Lamelo Ball’s return to LA will go further with the Lakers

Charlotte Hornets beginners run to Staples Center Court on Monday night. Congratulations to the fans, who were dressed in wine and gold, before Lamelo Ball’s introduction to the game against the Lakers. Lakers owner Jeanie Buss even applauded the former Chino Hills star.

One night after the defeat to Clips, Ball scored his second triple-double over the Lakers with 25 points, 15 assists and 11 assists. But the effort was not enough to stop Charlotte’s defeat, which was extended to five after the Leakers (6-5) won 126-123 in overtime.

Back-to-back games at the Staples Center were the first time professional football had been played in front of home fans. Fans were eager to welcome their beloved son home after the epidemic emptied its seats last year.

In the middle of the sale, a small group of fans played ball No. 2 jerseys. A white and green No. 1 Chino Hills jersey jersey near the courthouse.

Ball first wore that jersey as a 5-foot-10, gap-toothed, 13-year-old high school student to play with his older siblings. At 6-7 and 180 pounds, he returned to the Staples Center with a tattoo on his forehead and chest. The 20-year-old played professional football in two other countries before becoming the NBA Player of the Year last season.

It’s just the beginning of the ball, not only has the potential of a star, but it’s rapidly moving towards a generation of talent, ”said Lakers coach Frank Vogue.

“He has a special ability in the game,” said Vogue before the game. [He] He makes his teammates better, carries the risk of being too hot from the environment, and he really has everything.

In less than three weeks in the second season, the ball is building on its starting numbers. During the season, he averaged 15.7 points, 6.1 assists and 5.9 assists, and averaged 5.8 goals, raising the score to 20 and the goal asset to 6.6.

After impressing the NBA as a rookie NBA with his beautiful passes and athletic thumb, he was tasked with continuing his successful career.

“He can swing any position for the fence, but sometimes I want him to keep quiet. Take only one,” said Charlotte coach James Borrego ahead of Monday’s game. What will he win in this league?

In Monday’s game, Borrego said he thought the ball had taken a step as a professional tonight, showing his strength in the late evening of the second game.

The ball conceded 21 points with the Clippers, but eight of the 19 shots were scored by seven balls, three assists and five fouls. The Clippers went 22-0 in a 22-0 run in the fourth quarter, four points and six in the second half.

In less than 24 hours, the ball bounced back to the engineer’s 14-point and second half to push the lacrosse into overtime. He scored nine points in the second half, including five straight free kicks after being called off for a lapse foul and a back-to-back technical offense. He made 11 assists in the second half and in extra time.

“It’s special,” said Hornets guard Terry Rossier. “I looked up and saw all the rehabilitation and assistants – he was just crazy about how he would affect the game. It will be special if he continues to learn the game. I think the sky is the limit for him.

If the ball doesn’t draw enough eyes on its bright orange shoes on Monday, it makes him feel like he’s outstretched with a triangular pointer. After drowning another three-pointer in the first quarter, he looked at the ball to Charlotte’s bench and, pulling a page from Carmello Anthony’s book, struck the temple with three fingers.

In the Melos game, however, it was the Lakers who won. Anthony dropped 29 points from the bench, dropping seven of his 10 points, and each long ball created a feeling of excitement and excitement. His last two-minute overtime mark gave the Lakers the lead.

Following Lakers’ victory, purple and golden streams fell from the trunk and the ball shook with all their players, but it took more time for Anthony. The 19-year-old veteran wrapped his second-year dynamo in a hug.