Lakers continue to seek growth, defense improvement

Lakers continue to seek growth, defense improvement
Lakers continue to seek growth, defense improvement

Most of the time, the Lakers have shown little resistance to the defense, and teams in the lower NBA spectrum, such as Oklahoma City, have taken advantage of that weakness.

After a thunderstorm against the Lakers, Thursday night again, after another major setback, LA went into some more defensive ratings.

The Lakers are 27th in the league with 30 points per game. Their teams are allowing 45.9% of the ball (24th) and 35.2% of three points (21st).

Oklahoma City bounced back 19 points to win Thursday. The thunderstorm caused more damage to the Lakkers last week, dropping 26 points to secure victory.

Laker Center’s Deandere Jordan, who has been in the NBA All-Defensive Team twice, was asked on Friday what he lacked in defense.

“I don’t think this is just one thing,” Jordan said. “But I believe we are making progress. I think we have seen great defensive times ahead of us. We’ve gathered enough to win games, but we still have a long way to go. We can still be much better.

Roads From Lacker’s Defeat to Thunder

Lakers had another problem when LeBron James Anthony Davis swinged his right thumb during a thunderstorm in Oklahoma.

Like striker Anthony Davis, La Liga coach Frank Vogue is a doubt for Saturday night’s game in Portland because Jordan is the Lakers’ last line of defense due to his right thumb and midfield.

Jordan observes what is happening and says he is looking at the “great defenders” against the Lakers.

“We have to find a way to put it together,” Jordan said. But I think one of them is holding the ball, we are on the ropes where we can communicate with each other. And, you know, that’s not an excuse because a team in the league doesn’t have much practice time to learn the plan. So, we are learning and learning through play, movie sessions. So, if we meet for a few more minutes, I think we will see some progress there.

After the thunderstorm, the frustration subsided.

The Lakers have high hopes and are moving slowly, especially in defense.

“Yes, we have a lot to look forward to,” Vogel said. “When we lose, we become smaller. I hope we struggle when we win… and it was today’s film, and the work on the court today, it really was about progress. Fall is a fertilizer for growth. It’s the kind of thinking you should have.