Jaguars Falls may be a long shot by Odel Beckham Jr. but it’s worth a try

Jaguars Falls may be a long shot by Odel Beckham Jr. but it’s worth a try
Jaguars Falls may be a long shot by Odel Beckham Jr. but it’s worth a try

Wide receiver Odel Beckham has made waves in recent days over his role with Cleveland Browns. While it may be a long shot because of his potential, the Jacksonville Jaguars will have to watch the first round of 2014 once it is available. Its presence provides a rapid development of the Jags wide receiver corpus.

Cleveland Browns have announced plans to release Beckham. They are working after converting their salary to $ 1 million, according to Adam Shafter of ESPN. If the club did not renew its contract, it would be difficult for NFL clubs to keep track of him. However, his team-friendly deal could increase interest in Weaver Wire.

The Jaguars are currently fourth in the playoffs and have more than enough cap space to accommodate the wide receiver – $ 26.1 million on Over the Cap – although it does not fix the contract. If the three teams ahead of Jacksonville pass, Jacksonville must definitely ask. Former NFL broadcaster Torey Smith says Beckham can still play and rumors of him being a bad teammate are not true.

Before the 2021 deadline, Beckham’s name appeared as a potential business target. No agreement was reached in the end, but the three-pronged node still wants to leave Cleveland. Browns head coach Kevin Stephanski told the players’ wide receiver a few days ago that he was not part of the team, which could lead to a split.

At first glance, it may not make much sense for Jaguars to follow Beckham. There are currently no chances of finishing 1-6 this year. His views may also have a negative impact on Jacksonville. Finally, other teams with a better overall record may want it. Whatever the reason, Jags should try to catch him.

The truth is, Beckham is not happy with his role in the team. He may not have used the right approach to outline his complaint and he may be guilty. Having said that, the Jaguars are at the forefront of the reform and want to have a competent player. Head coach Urban Meyer said the team needs speed and could bring in a wider receiver.

You can argue that Beckham has an attitude problem, and the evidence for this is that both the NY Giants and the Browns are better off without him. Again, he will quickly become a key cog on the Jaguars’ demise. Although Trevor Lawrence is still adapting to the NFL, he has already shown that he can get the ball to his players, so Beckham will not have a problem getting the ball.

Meyer has repeatedly said that the Jaguars will move if they think it will benefit the team. Finding Beckham really makes them better.