How to Register for simPATI 2GB 2 Months Internet Package

How to Register for simPATI 2GB 2 Months Internet Package
How to Register for simPATI 2GB 2 Months Internet Package

SimPATI Internet Package 2GB 2 Months – Currently, there are also many counters that provide internet cards that have been filled with quotas from 1GB, 2GB to 3GB. Both Telkomsel, Indosat, and Three cards, but I use Telkomsel more often, although sometimes I also use Three. Although Telkomsel is quite expensive, the internet speed is nothing else, not different from other cards, but based on experience here. Maybe different places will have different stories of course.

At the counter, the internet package card provider provides two types of internet package validity. Some are valid for one month and two months but have the same amount of quota, which is 2GB. I just take the one that is valid for 1 month and then I pay the price … Later we will discuss the price and how to register the package

More precisely, the simPATI Discovery card that I use for browsing here and there is also sometimes for streaming and downloading small videos, aka low capacity of 5Mb and below. Yes, it’s quite enough for someone who is online at night and in the morning. In the afternoon, thank God, he still continues to work.

Sometimes I get confused after buying a pre-packaged card. In my heart I said how do I register for the internet package, whereas in the general Telkomsel internet package price list via *363# there is no such cheap price. Finally, the first one after getting an SMS notification from Telkomsel, then after buying a simPATI card. And here’s how to register a 2GB simPATI internet package for 2 months.

  1. Use simPATI card (mandatory)
  2. Install the card via cellphone or modem
    It turns out that it’s very easy, all we have to do is press 9999# and then ok, there’s immediately a choice of 2GB internet package
  • The package is valid for 60 days for the first activation. For the 2nd and 3rd activation, the package is valid for 30 days
  • Prices are different for each location, starting from IDR 49k to IDR 89 thousand. The price applies according to what is stated in the confirmation SMS before you agree to the purchase.
  • Total 2GB quota consists of 1.5GB City Quota + 500MB National quota
  1. City Quota 1.5GB
    The 1.5GB City quota can only be used in the City where the package is activated. City quota will not be used if you change cities.
  2. 500MB National Quota
    The 500MB National Quota can be used in all Cities in Indonesia

So you first make sure how much the simPATI internet package price is given where you can see the confirmation sms. And I got more information that the card I got came from West Java, with a card price of Rp. 53 thousand, my location is Central Java. If so, maybe for those of you who are located in the West Java area, the price is around 50 thousand and below because the price here includes postage plus the card seller’s profit.